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We are happy to announce that famous Red Hot Chili Peppers funk rock band are coming to Riga in July 2017.

They gonna perform live on the open-air arena in Lucavsala on 27 July 2017.


Top Riga’s winter events

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Riga is beautiful during winter time and especially at Christmas.
Here’s some of the top events in Riga that everybody can join at winter!

Winter events calendar

13 Sep – 18 Feb: Riga “Dinamo” Hockey, Season #9,
Where: Arena Riga (Skanstes iela 21)
23 Nov – 16 Jan: Exhibition “Popular Culture in Latvia
at the Turn of the Century (19th-20th)
Where: National Library of Latvia (Mukusalas street 3)
27 Nov – 06 Jan: Christmas fair in Esplanade
27 Nov – 06 Jan: Old Town Christmas Fair
Where: Dome Square (Doma laukums)
18 Dec: Winter Solstice. Yule Log Eve 2016
Where: Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum (Brivibas gatve 440)
18 Dec -29 Jan: Winter Nights at Riga Zoo
Where: Riga Zoo (Meža prospekts 1)
20 Dec: Bluka vilkšana ritual in Rigas Old Town
Where: Town Hall Square (Ratslaukums)
25-26 Dec: Riga’s Christmas Concert
Where: Kipsala International Exposition Centre (Kipsalas street 8)
26 Dec – 08 Jan: Light reflections in the winter twilight
Where: Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum (Brivibas gatve 440)
31 Dec: New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Celebration
Where: the 11 November Embankment (11.novembra krastmala)

Santa’s Fun Run in Riga

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Santa’s charity run passed into a nice tradition that 11th December fills Riga’s Old Town streets with such a well-known “ho ho ho” sound for the ninth time!
Run for the children to walk!
Charity run is made to raise a total of 10 000 euros for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.
Santa Claus charity run is a positive emotion filled event with the participation of hundreds of funny actors active families and inviting business team, individual members, and everybody wears Santa Claus suits.
Join the Santa’s run and buy ticket that is same time a donation. Ticket’s price includes the Santa’s costume!

If You want to join the run registration opens at 10.30
Run take place at 11.30 at Riga’s Dome Square

Ultimate december offer!

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Source: Events in Riga

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Source: Events in Riga