Metaphorically speaking (in the Romantic languages), white nights mean ‘sleepless’ nights, and this year as well in early September, you are cordially invited to join the crowd in experiencing a sleepless night chock full of surprises.The long list of entertainment includes contemporary art, music and dance circus acts, excursions into the sciences, literature and philosophy. They all converge on White Night — the modern arts forum.

A major nighttime event in Riga this year is the opening of the Sculpture-Quadriennale-Riga. This modern art festival is held in the Latvian capital since 1972. The theme this time out is Conservatism vs. Liberalism, and its venues will be the Artists’ Union Gallery, Wagner Hall, and and a number of outdoor locations.

Riga 10.09.2016

If you enjoy sunbathing and are too tired to go to the sea – you can get great suntan and relax on our terrace!

Situated next to the very appraised Art Nouveau centre, the brick house on Valdemara street is one of the best architectural monument which dates back to 1886 and is of national importance

The building, has specific historic context, it was meticulously and exactly preserved . Creatives come worldwide in our hostel, living in a vibrant historical environment, getting new idea and inspiration for their work

Arena Riga is an indoor arena, just in 10-minutes walk from Amalienhof Hostel Riga.

During the years the Arena has also hosted many well-known artists from all over the world

We have history, home-like warmth, perfect location and most liberal prices