the sisters of mercy

The sisters of mercy

On Wednesday, 3 August, at the “Palladium” concert-hall in Riga, Latvia, the gothic rock legend “Sisters of Mercy” will perform! The concert is organized by “Live Fest”.

The band was created in 1977 in Leeds (UK) when Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx met, but only Eldritch with the drum-machine Doktor Avalanche – his companion since 1981, have been the only substantive members of “The Sisters Of Mercy” for all these years. Of course, it is not really right to call the drum-machine a band member, but actually Doktor Avalanche’s programmed drum rhythms combined with Eldritch’s deep baritone create the “The Sisters of Mercy” sound. However, nowadays the drum-machine has been replaced with three “MacBook Pro” computers.

At concerts Eldritch is assisted by two guitarists – Ben Christo and Chris Catalyst.

The band had its commercial breakthrough in 1983 with the hit-single “Temple of Love”, seducing the fans of gothic rock with sounds of post-punk, gospel and the mix of pop-music.  It was followed by other massive songs such as “The Corrosion”, “Domination”, “More” and others, gaining fan crowds all over the world.

In 1990 the band’s third and final album “Vision Love” was released.  For its promo tour, “The Sisters of Mercy” toured together with the political rap group “Public Enemy”, causing unintentional collisions between the fans during their concerts. It got cancelled mid-tour. At the same time, the band had strife with their record label “EastWest Records” and only in 1997, Eldritch got out the record-deal with the label.  Instead of making and recording a new album, Eldritch refused to “play by the rules” and till this day he has not recorded and released a new song.

From 1991 Sisters of Mercy is a concert band. They perform the songs that are already well-known from their popular records, and new songs, which have been created in the last couple of years, but have not been recorded.